Changes in the API-portal

From November 1st, Systembolaget will change how we share our information via APIs.

The change means that we will stop sharing information about our products and only make store information available via our open APIs. The reason for this is that we see that the product-related information is currently used in a way that is not allowed according to our terms of use for APIs. Commercial players are using Systembolaget's information to drive sales of alcoholic beverages, which goes against the purpose of Swedish alcohol policy and Systembolaget's mission.

Systembolaget's general digital services will remain unchanged. Our suppliers will continue to receive business-critical sales statistics.

Alcohol is not like other goods. Therefore, in Sweden, we agree that retail trade in alcohol should take place without a profit interest. Systembolaget has exclusive rights and conducts responsible sales to keep consumption and damages down. We never try to get customers to buy more than they have intended, and we never use cover prices or offers of the type "buy three pay for two". Sweden has lower alcohol consumption and fewer alcohol-related injuries than the rest of the EU.